Gardens today have a lot to live up to, they are supposed to be places of relaxation and are there to help us get in tune with nature and find inner peace but if your garden is on the smaller side or just in need of a total transformation then how can you help make the change from a pain in the neck to Zen garden? The addition of water, moving splashing, life-giving water can help anyones garden feel more alive and tranquil. Water adds a sense of calm and serenity to a garden but so much more it will increase the peace within you too. Most people today do not want to add a pond to their garden, you have to clean them out and its a lot of work to fit, especially with fountains but a simple water feature can be just what every garden needs. Theyre child friendly as well as nature friendly and you are not required to keep up so are suitable to any garden size shape or style.

Water features do not have to be in any particular style or shape or even made from any particular material so the choice that is out there is very wide indeed. Many designers and garden specialists have designed their own ranges of garden water feature like Alan Titchmarsh who has designed a stylish and affordable range.

Finding the right water feature for you is a very personal thing and it does all depend on the feel of your garden and the environment you are hoping to create.

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Roxy is a avid home enthusiast who loves to enjoy the outdoors and the relaxing mood of her solar water features. Roxy works for UK water features who specialise in finding the best Alan Titchmarsh Water Features as well as self contained water features in the UK.

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