There is a common myth that is going around these days that is deceiving allot of people. That is “in order to have a home based business, you MUST be online.” With the current economy the way it is, more and more frustrated, underpaid, overworked people are desiring to have a business of there own. A way that they can work from home and earn a decent living from there instead of having to punch a clock 8-12 hours a day for a boss they can’t stand.

Thanks to the T.V. GURUS, it seems that everything they talk about is having an internet business. It seems like the ONLY way to make money from home is that you MUST become an “Internet Marketer.” Frankly, I can’t stand that term. With all the “so called internet experts” out there that have ripped off good hard working people and separated them from their last dime on earth, (to me anyway) becoming an internet marketer has a very demeaning, derogatory suggestive connotation to it that I don’t understand why anyone would want to be even closely associated with that title.

My business is internet based and I do market on the internet but I do not call myself an internet marketer. When people ask me how I earn a living, I usually tell them I have a website and I sell
other people’s stuff and I make a commission off of every sale. In the “internet marketing” world, that is simply called affiliate marketing. I also sell physical products full time on Ebay.

But, there are many types of businesses out there that don’t require you to have a website, a blog, a lead capture page, an auto-responder or anything like that. You can STILL have a successful business of your own and escape the rat race of the 9-5 grind.

Now let’s get something clear before I go any further. I am NOT talking about investing tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars in a franchise. They are in a league of their own and are not the only way you can have a successful ‘home based business.” I am also not talking about leasing a “brick and mortar” storefront, purchasing tons of inventory from China, hiring people and all that jazz that goes along with that.

What I am talking about is the type of businesses that allow you to work for yourself (entirely by yourself) or having to invest huge sums of money in equipment purchases (or leases). The type of businesses that allows you to work when you want, how long you want and how hard you want and STILL make decent money. Businesses that have High Demand and will never become saturated because it is a service that people will always need.

One such business is owning your own Lawn Care Service. As long as there grass to cut and bushes to trim, leaves to rake or even snow to plow, you can have a very profitable lawn care business or service that provides a vital need to the community at large for a wide variety of people that either are too elderly to take care of their own property or too busy to.

This is a type of service business that you can start out very inexpensively. You can start out as little as having a used (but in good working condition) power mower, edge trimmer, a rake and a few lawn bags (or barrels). Your advertising could be as simple as “word of mouth” thought satisfied customer referrals and handing out business cards. As your business grows, you can expand (but only if you want to.) Your Business can be as small or as large as YOU want it to be. You are in complete control.

Another popular and highly lucrative business is in the field of Medical Transportation. Allot of people who are elderly, NEED this kind of help or assistance to be able to get back and forth to the doctor’s office for appointments or for hospital needs. You can build a Business that:

• Has Guaranteed Revenue (Paid by the Government)
• Has a Huge and Growing Clientele
• Is Recession Proof (even in a bad economy)
• Has Huge Tax Breaks and Incentives
• Is Easy to Manage and Operate

These are just two examples of home based businesses that I highly recommend if you are looking for ways you can be in business for yourself that is very “doable” (even in today’s economy.) One that doesn’t require you to be chained to a computer in a “home office. A Business that allows you to interact with people, work outside, “work with your hands” and provide a vital and much needed and in High Demand Service. If you are interested in these two types of businesses, please visit my website below for more information.

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