They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's so, then flowers are worth a thousand pictures. Over the years, Mom gave us so much. She gave us hugs and love. She gave us encouragement and praise. She gave us spending money, wisdom and advice. She even gave us a few well needed smackdowns, even though they probably made her cry. After all those years of love, doesn't she deserve Mother's Day flowers? While some of us might have moms who prefer power tools, most mothers smile big and wide at the thought of flowers for Mother's Day.

While the gift of flowers is a loving and appreciated gesture, it is also an expense that is not always affordable. The retail cost of this customary floral gift is particularly prohibitive during holidays like Mother's Day. Fortunately, you can find different and more affordable options instead of fresh floral bouquets, saving you time and money to spend on something different to show your affection for your Mom.

Silk flowers are a good option to think about for a Mother's Day gift. Fresh flowers purchased out of season can cost a lot and must be transported from long distances. This holds true for seasonal flowers such as carnations, lilies, and roses. But silk may be bought any day or any season. This lets you buy any flowers you wish for your mother but without the worries of what will bloom in the month of May. Silk is a good option for a number of reasons. Silk flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers and come in any colors you may want. They also cost a great deal less than fresh flowers. This is why they have gotten so popular.

There is an extensive selection of silk flowers available - any flower that you can imagine is likely available to order as a single flower, or part of a larger bouquet. There are many beautiful and creative arrangements available for holidays such as Mother's Day. When you search for online suppliers who carry silk flowers, you will be pleasantly surprised at how many quality silk flowers are out there!

Caring for silk flowers does not have to be complicated. Make sure to place them out of reach of curious toddlers and pets which are likely to munch on them. Do not expose them to direct sunlight, and use a regular feather duster or a pump spray or vacuum cleaner to keep dust at bay. These simple steps will ensure that your flowers will last for many year.

Americans celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday of May. This year, consider a gift of silk rather than regular flowers. They come in more colors than traditional flowers. They last far longer, and they cost only a fraction of fresh seasonals. Be sure to comparison shop several sites, checking features such as price, variety, color and quality. That way you'll be sure to find the best flowers for the best price to give to your first and best gal: your Mom.

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Once you've selected your Mother's Day silk flower arrangements be sure to check my handy tips on How to Clean Silk Flowers - If silk flowers, aren't for you, there's always flower delivery available. ;-)

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