Garden Ponds

A garden pond is a great asset to any garden and if done right will serve as years of enjoyment for its owner. I personally love ponds and have always added one to my garden as soon as possible when I have moved to a new home.

Is a pond appealing to you as a feature in your garden, then before you start your pond project make sure you plan it right by doing plenty of research so that you get it right first time.

Its worth taking the design and planning of your pond seriously before you actually get out there and begin. If you get this bit right then your enjoyment of your pond building will last throughout with no mistakes or hitches.

The installation of a garden pond will throw up plenty of things to be thought about. Where are you going install your pond. what is going to be the scale of your pond and also how far down will it go. Researcing things like this will aid your decision making.

To plan a pond properly as we know research is the key and answers will be discovered about questions you didn't even have to begin with. Imagine getting to near the end of your pond construction then finding out that you should have included something closer to the beginning. Apart from kicking yourself you would have created more work.

A few other things to consider is the type of fish you are going to keep if any at all, some people prefer to have a pond for just wild life instead of fish. In my opinion fish is best. So think about the type of fish you want to keep.

A good way of doing this is to visit a few fish suppliers in your area so you can get a look at the fish close up. The research part when it comes to fish will also reveal the behaviour and characteristics of different fish and whether some fish are not suitable to keep with others.

What type of plants will you be adding to your pond. Again this is an important part of your pond to research so the same applies to plants as is does to the fish choice. Plants can have an impact on the balance of the water in your pond as well as an aesthetic impact.

To get the pond you want, the one that you visualized right at the start will be yours at the end if you spend time planning and researching.

By: Ricki Geotti

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