If you were thinking that home decor only included your homes interior then you are mistaken as design is as important outside as it is inside. Decoration is the key to developing your garden in the same way you would decorate your kitchen or lounge, you can create a certain colour scheme or look to your garden to help your outside express and reflect who you are in the same way you home interior decor does. In fact the very first impressions someone gets of your home are from the outside and this need to be a part of the overall look and feel of your home, hopefully creating a sense of welcoming warmness and exquisite taste. If you are attempting to create a beautiful garden then make sure that you spend time digging, planting and watering within your garden because it will help you feel at one with your garden and help you become part of the creative process too. After all why have a garden if you dont ever intend on getting your hands a little green?

Designing a garden requires you to have an idea of what type of garden you prefer and your decisions will help shape and refine the whole look to the garden. There are so many beautifully designed features that will help to sculpt and stylize you outdoor living space such as statues, water features, walkways and even fountains. You can have a specific area to host outdoor events with some chairs and tables this is lovely with flowered gardens in summer especially the scented ones like jasmines. This area can be developed to entertain guests in a truly relaxing and beautiful setting with maybe a stone or water feature nearby to admire and help create the ambiance.

Having climbing plants covering trellises can also help to sculpt certain more hidden and secluded areas of your garden and are available in so many different styles and in stylish materials that finding one to create a truly unique feature would be no problem. You have the choice from plastic, metal or wood with different colours shapes and sizes and patterns that can be very plain of highly decorative to suit all tastes.

Benches can also be nice to sit and admire your lovely garden which again can be made from a variety of materials and in various patterns and styles you can even get a bespoke message of inspirational words inscribed upon your bench to remind you just how peaceful a garden can make you feel. Any experience of peace in a garden would not be complete without a beautiful water feature as the sound of running water can simply take us away from all the stresses we might be facing and allow real inner tranquility. These water features again are available in so many wonderful and unique designs and from a variety of materials. Even in the smallest garden a stand-alone water feature can give you a lovely feature and make any space look truly contemporary.

What is truly great about garden design is the texture you have to work with and the ability to trill all of your senses, with the sight of your plants and trees blooming, the sound of a water fountain, the smell of flowers and hearing all the birds and wildlife it will attract, and if your having a herb garden you can throw some fresh herbs into your cooking too. You can simply surround yourself with nature and the only thing to restrict you is your own creativity.

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