It is so important to feel as though we can improve the space we inhabit to the best of our ability. Our homes are more than blank canvases waiting to put our stamp on they become a part of who we are and how we live and so many of our best and worst memories are created in our homes - they are integral to our lives. Making them better for the sake of design is also about improving our own well being and helping us feel more in control of our surroundings. Nature is almost the opposite, it is savage and sometimes cruel and can do exactly whatever it likes, so it is a true dichotomy to be a gardener. It is not all green fingers and cuttings, it is to take on a challenge against an unruly opponent and winning, and it is even harder to make your garden appeal stylish and well thought out without constantly being involved in the creative process. Style seems to be the enemy of nature but if you are truly visionary you can incorporate the two things and make them harmonious.

The trick is to allow nature to be think about growth and allow for a little wildness and change the energy at night by incorporating some more human aspects within the space such as lighting for on the evening to spotlighting certain aspects or areas of the garden and transform them visually. Maybe finding a statue or some kind of stone design and trying to integrate it within the natural setting although as with all things less is more, dont go statue crazy or you will look your trying to re create the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Including some kind of water feature is usually good to help blend the energy between man-made and nature as the water itself will attract wildlife and encourage all kinds of insect activity which will help the growth in your garde

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