Metal garden furniture is affordable and most people like it because it can take any shape and contain any pattern hence it becomes easy to achieve the desires that they could have for their gardens. The material is also popular among many people because it comes with a variety of advantages.

Metal is strong: this is one of the advantages that come with metal garden furniture. You will find that most of the items come coated with a rust resistant coat and this is what gives the material strength hence it will be resilient over time and will manage to withstand different and changing conditions of the weather.

Offers versatility: there are different kinds of metals which can be used to make the garden furniture. The differences offer versatility and therefore everybody ends with furniture that is most suitable for the garden. You can get anything from the light aluminum furniture perfect for picnics to the strong and heavier wrought iron furniture providing a more permanent solution to your garden needs.

Different designs and styles: as earlier mentioned, metal is easy to play around with and this therefore means that the makers of the furniture manage to come up with very attractive and unique designs on the furniture. In case you have a design in mind, you can have the furniture made especially for you thereby making it very unique to your garden.

When looking for garden furniture, one of the important things you will need to consider is the maintenance. When it comes to metal, maintenance is necessary but does not require much. Nowadays, you will find that the metal furniture come coated with rust free varnish and therefore manage to resist rust for a long time. In cases where rust does occur, you can try scrapping off using wired brush that does not leave any damage.

You can get the furniture coated all over again once you find that the initial coating is not serving its purpose and is exposing your treasured furniture to the harsh conditions of the environment. The cushions will however require regular cleaning and it is therefore important to go for colors and fabrics that not only bring out the best in your garden but are also easy to wash and keep looking good for a long period of time.

Every kind of garden furniture has its advantages and disadvantages and you will need to consider them all before making the last decision.

How many times have you visited someone's home and thought, "this place looks familiar." From the standard granite and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, to the tried and true beige Pottery Barn sofa, our homes can easily turn into boring look-alikes devoid of any unique, differentiating design elements. While most of us are too timid to go for a drastic change (say, a tangerine accent wall or expensive art installation), there are small ways to imbue your home with character and style.

Garden stools are a great way to set your interior apart and add intrigue. Available in an endless array of punchy, bright colors, garden stools have so many uses! Try placing one in the corner of a neutral room. The color and unique shape will draw the eye outward and make the space seem larger. Make sure to choose the color based on what is personally visually appealing to you and try to incorporate that same color in corresponding accent pillows and decorative throw blankets.

Another interesting way to use stools inside is by placing them next to a sofa or chair and using them as a side table. The flattop and low profile is ideal for small interiors that need more petite furniture and accents. You may want to consider having a piece of glass cut to fit the top if you will be using the side table as a place to rest drinks or other items.

Since there are so many Asian inspired stools available for purchase, we suggest using this variety in any room that needs an injection of culture and style. Guests will think you procured the stool in a market in the Far East and you will love the way the shape and color of the stool adds depth and an exotic flair to your interior.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the most common application for garden the garden! First, make sure that your garden stool is all weather appropriate. While an item may be called a 'garden stool,' it may in fact, not be weather proof or able to stand up to the elements in the region where you live. Once you choose a stool that can handle the weather, place it, or a cluster of 2 or 3 of them, in your garden or on your deck. The stools create instant seating and a place to rest and enjoy the nature and scenery that's right outside your door. Hopefully we've inspired you to use garden stools as another design element in and out of your home.

To many people a garden shed might be little more than an outdoor dumping ground for odds and ends of garden tools or household items they can't store indoors. Little more than an eyesore, the shed sits in the garden at odds with both its surroundings and its owners. Research has shown that up to 70% of people use their sheds as a junk room.

Just a little imagination and inventiveness, however, can turn the humble garden shed into a positive asset, providing an extension to your living space that's as attractive as it is useful. Using garden sheds to get the most out of your home takes a little money but reaps large rewards.

Garden Produce

Give your vegetable garden a head start and save money in the process by using a section of the shed as a potting area. Arrange a bench, or shelf, beneath the window to catch the most light, and use the area to bring on seeds, repot houseplants, or divide garden shrubs. The warmth of the shed will offer vital protection to seedlings until they can be planted out in the vegetable garden, and you'll have the satisfaction of growing from seed.


Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, and if yours is large enough you could turn it into a summerhouse or a crafts area. Paint the shed in a pale, summery shade and adorn it with hanging baskets. Place colourful planters by the door and soften its edges with mature shrubs.

The kids will welcome somewhere to play out of the weather and it'll give you a place for messy craft activities, such making papier mache, that won't leave your kitchen in a tangle. Alternatively, your summerhouse can be a convenient garden area to prepare cold drinks or store summer snacks. If you run an electrical cable down the garden, you can install a small fridge or set up a television. Transporting some of your activities out to a suitably equipped garden shed expands the use you get from your home, allowing to more fully use the available space.

Home Office

Dividing work hours and leisure hours is a constant thorn in the sides of those who work from home. Having a home office that's detached from the house provides the solution since the physical act of entering or leaving the workplace marks the beginning and end of the working period. Make sure the roof is secure and the interior walls are lined and weatherproofed, secure the door with a sturdy lock and provide some form of heating, and your garden shed is ready to be kitted out with a desk, cabinets and drawers.

You have a few Japanese garden design Options... but don't waste your time and money with the free designs advertised. There is no such thing as a free Japanese landscaping design that is worth having! To most people this may seem like common sense, but on the other hand I have seen many advertisements for these type of plans.

I recommend anyone who is seriously interested in having a Japanese garden in their backyard to avoid such schemes. Similarly, many of the Do-It-Yourself in one weekend advertisements and books are also going to be very misleading.

Anyone who is interested in having an authentic garden should first study up on what style of Japanese garden they are interested in. Next, you need to take into account what type of property you have and where you would like to have you garden. From there you have two Japanese garden design options:

1) Either look into hiring a professional garden design and installation company, which will cost more, but in the long run you will be happier with the outcome.

2) Do it yourself after you have investigated many different styles of gardens, determined which fits best for you site, and obtained the necessary garden tools to build and maintain your garden.

In either option there needs to be a dedication to studying a little about the styles of gardens available as well as some kind of financial commitment to you project. This is something you cannot achieve though a free online garden design. Don't expect to spend $200 and recreate the atmosphere of a famous rock garden one Saturday morning.

There are a handful of good Japanese landscapers outside of Japan. Take the time to seek out these authorities with experience, the outcome will be worth it.

Although many Japanese gardens appear to be very simplistic, it is in the simplicity that millions of details lie in wait to be discovered by the observer.

If you are drawn to and intrigued by a picture of a garden and strive to emulate that in your garden, understand that this tradition is hundreds of years old and has developed over time. Think about what it is that appeals to you in that particular garden and think of how you can realistically create that feeling or atmosphere in your potential garden location.

A good garden designer will visit the location and check out the environment, surrounding areas, the view from the home, check your climate hardiness zone etc. None of these essential pieces of information are possible via ordering Free Japanese garden designs.

If you have sufficient place around your house then you can really let your fantasies run wild when it comes to picking your garden design. There are plenty of wonderful themes you could go with depending on what your exact preferences are and also on how you plan to use the area. Tropical garden design is one of the most popular themes for outdoor spaces these days since it gives the feeling of luxury and sensuousness. It is also a concept that is very easily personalized because there are so many different aspects to it.

One of the most defining features of tropical garden design is the abundant use of plants and flowers in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. Tropical foliage comes in many vibrant colours that include yellows, reds and purples in addition to many shades of green. These plants also tend to have dramatic looking flowers; frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea being some of them. You can have a great time picking and choosing these plants, adding jasmines as well because they are beautiful and fragrant. Bamboos and canna lilies are also popular because they give an instant tropical look to a garden.

Tropical garden design also includes the use of statues, lanterns, vases and other decorative containers, banners and colourful umbrellas. These articles are very easy to find these days and you do not have to travel to tropical destinations in order to pick up decorative elements for your garden. You could also include paths and water features.

Most garden design firms offer this particular concept in a contemporary manner. They will create a garden that has a Thai, Balinese or Polynesian look depending on your preference. Have a detailed discussion with the landscape designers you hire to find out how much the project will cost, including how much you will need to spend in order to maintain the garden. Your garden will need a lot of maintenance in order to remain looking attractive and you should only put in as many plants as you are comfortable looking after.

You will have a lovely time entertaining friends and family in your garden if you put in the right kind of infrastructure such as seating, lighting, a bar or a barbecue pit. Choose a landscape design firm that has a lot of experience in doing up tropical themed gardens. You can then be sure that your money will be spent effectively.

Lighting up your garden is not something that falls under a luxurious hobby that people only indulge in to impress the neighbors and friends. Garden lighting is basically a necessity more than a fashionable hobby or a passion.

Imagine how inconvenient and boring it can get to organize a graduation party that you need to wind up before the sun goes down, only because you garden is not properly lit. Forget about parties, can you even stroll in your garden in a breezy summer night without lighting, or sip on a strong espresso to enjoy winters in a dark garden? Without lighting, your garden can look dreary and instead of giving respite, it will scare you.

Garden lighting is immensely useful in a number of different ways. The first, being its use in allaying your fear to stroll in a dark, and gloomy garden. Then properly lit garden can encourage you to arrange different family and friends dinner parties and late-night get-togethers. This will eventually help you enjoy more with your near and dear ones and collect some memories along the way that you will love cherishing throughout your life. Other than this, the garden lighting can actually lease a new life to your dark and dreary garden, provided they are installed at the right locations. Creating a wonderful atmosphere in your garden does not imply that you need to install big bright bulbs all around. Bright and sharp lights can only serve to irritate your guests as well as neighbors, but will never provide a soothing atmosphere, a beautiful evening party demands.

There are a number of different types and designs of garden lights available in the market. Before going for shopping, see if there are separate portions in your garden for sitting and cooking, etc or not. If yes, then you may need to provide extra lighting to that area rather than using the same dim lights as in the rest of the garden area. Afterwards, you should know that the most usual type of garden lighting is the down lighting that can be used anywhere in the garden. Nevertheless, if you have a pond or fountain in your garden as well, you should always think about installing the underwater or spotlights. In addition, you need to highlight the walkways and sidewalks, as it gives further definition to your garden. However, whatever type of lights you use, make sure they are soft and low-voltage lights.

Prices of garden lighting vary widely; nevertheless, it is not expensive at all. To get an even more cheap deal, you can use solar lights. They are available in various attractive designs.

Do you have passion when it comes to gardening? There are so many people who have passion and are enjoying gardening. If you are one of those people, what are the things that you usually use to make your garden look beautiful and attractive? Do you use some decorations and other items? What type of garden decors do you use? If you want to use something that could help you save the use of energy, then try using solar outdoor garden decors. solar decors are decors that get the energy that they use from the sun. You don’t need to worry about using electricity to make them work. Like if you want to use lights in your garden to make it look more attractive during the night.

There are so many solar outdoor garden decors that you can choose from at the market. The decorations will depend on the type of garden that you also have. Make sure that the decors that you will use match the style of your garden as well. Matching the decorations is very important for it is the factor that determines the beauty of a garden. solar outdoor are only ideal and best to those garden that has big space like those backyard garden. Putting lights in your garden could really set a mood. It could also promote a relaxing mood. It depends on what mood you want to project in your garden. If you want to see your options with regards to solar garden decors, what you can do is do a little research online or visit the nearest garden store in your place and see what they have for you. This might require your time, effort and patience.

Few tips before you buy make sure that you have an idea what type of solar garden decors you want to use and have for your garden. Buy only those that you need and suits your budget. If you are not sure, try to ask people who have expertise in garden for ideas and tips. Using the right kind of solar garden d├ęcor could really help you save money for you don’t have to end up buying the wrong items.

The Park Seed Company’s trial gardens in Greenwood, South Carolina, are a delight for gardeners. The gardens showcase a great variety of new plants and old favorites. Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the lovely gardens each year and choose plants and seeds to try at home.

Since 1868 the Park Seed Company has provided gardeners with seeds, plants, and other gardening products. The company was founded in Libonia, Pennsylvania, by George W. Park, a teenager who first sold dried seeds to his neighbors. Park published his first small seed catalog in 1868. Over the years the company grew, and in 1902 it moved to a larger facility in La Park, Pennsylvania. The Parks moved to Florida in the early 1920s, but they found the weather there to be too hot and humid to properly store seeds. In 1924 Park moved the company headquarters to his wife’s hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina. Today the business is located on 500 acres of land. There are research facilities, processing areas, temperature controlled storage facilities, the mail order business, a garden center, and extensive trial gardens on the site.

The Park Seed trial gardens draw visitors from all over the country. Gardeners are welcome to walk through the nine acres of demonstration gardens. A number of the company’s All American selections may be viewed. Plant lovers will be able to see the best new plant selections before they become available to the general public. Only the highest performing selections will eventually come on the market. Visitors may enjoy the rose garden, the water garden, the container garden, and a number of other theme gardens. Over 2,000 varieties of plants may be seen.

The Park Seed garden Center also welcomes visitors. The center is open during the spring and summer months on Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-6pm. More than 1,100 varieties of flower and vegetable seeds are available for purchase. All seeds are top quality untreated seeds. Certified organic seeds are also available. In addition bulbs and live plants are available for purchase.

Each year the Park Seed Company trial gardens are a featured venue at the South Carolina Festival of Flowers. The festival is one of Southeast Tourism’s Top 20 Events. Park Seed Flower Day is one of the most popular activities. The greenhouses are open to the public and horticulturists give guided tours of the trial gardens. The festival’s 2011 Flower Day is June 25 from 8am-4pm.

The Park Seed Company’s Garden Center and trial gardens are located on Highway 254 (Cokesbury Road) in Greenwood, South Carolina. There is no charge to stop and smell the flowers.

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