Bermuda lawns can be kept green all winter by sowing rye grass on top of the Bermuda. This custom is well-known in the southern states. The Bermuda will go dormant with cool weather but next spring will wake up again. Rye grass is low-priced and will keep your lawn green over the winter. For a complete renovating job, however, it is best to sow a high grade mixture which does not contain rye.

If space is lacking in your garden for a wide planting of bulbs then grow them in pots. Several varieties are available and you will really gain much from this type of gardening. Buy your bulbs now while dealers still have a satisfactory assortment.

Watch soil moisture carefully. Natural rains during fall are not enough to keep plants going. Mulches of peat will tend to keep the soil moist for a fairly long period of time. To a certain extent this reduces your water bill.

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