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Rose trees are different from rose bushes in the fact that they are actually propagated in resemblance of a tree. It consists of a three foot long cane void of roses and two graphs. One is taken at the top center of the cane and the other at the bottom near the roots. The care of these trees can be very tricky and a lot of hard work but with proper care, raising a rose tree gardencan be very rewarding.

In order for this cane to endure such weight, it must be staked. Proper care must be taken to the staked areas as to deal with different weather conditions. Besides the usual pests that attack roses, you must also watch placement of the cane. The cane is especially easy to sun scald.

Winter care is difficult because not only does the precaution of placing mulch at the bottom as taken with normal rose bushes, you must also place mulch all the way up the cane. The only effective way to do this is to relocate the tree for winter or create a container to hold the mulch out of materials such as wire and mesh. Remember rose tree gardens are much more difficult to work with but much more rewarding when they are successful.

On top of the seasonal changes that take place, the gardener must also prune the tree for several reasons. One reason is for appearance. You can prune it to achieve just about any look imaginable. Another reason is that trees that are not pruned are more prone to disease. Also, if the tree is not pruned, there can be weight displacement on the cane and the tree will not be able to stand strait. Only the top portion of the tree should be pruned. The cane should never be pruned.

Once proper care is achieved, these rose trees can be very beautiful. Rose tree gardens are unusual and will impress most gardeners. There are also many different species of roses that can top the tree. Some of the more elaborate ones include “double-deckers” that include two layers of roses and willows that include roses that grow in a manner of the roses cascading sown towards the ground. Both types can be very interesting, beautiful, and graceful. Like anything else in life, what comes with beauty, comes with hard work.

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