Many people consider that the traditional timber garden shed is the ideal choice, with a natural look and feel that will fit into most home and garden settings. Timber garden sheds are usually in the mid-priced range and there is an enormous variety of different designs, styles and sizes available to suit all budgets and tastes, along with a huge range of extras like windows and doors etc., to suit your exact needs.

Timber garden sheds are also a very environmentally-friendly choice, as many are manufactured in FSC - approved timber from sustainable forestry resources. And of course timber has a natural appeal that sits well in most home and garden settings. Timber garden sheds are manufactured in both hardwoods and softwoods and may include e.g. shiplap planking, tongue & grooved boards and chipboard panels.

All timber sheds are robust and versatile for years of lasting durability, and in order to better withstand rot, mildew and extreme climatic conditions, timber garden sheds are often supplied with a pressure treated or pre-dipped preservative finish and sometimes with an applied colour coating. Some manufacturers prefer to supply timber sheds in a natural finish and in all cases, you can treat, paint or stain the shed as you desire.

Easy to assemble and erect using only simple DIY tools, timber sheds are readily modified to suit your needs as it is easy to make changes, fit shelves, hooks and brackets or add insulation to improve frost proofing and give additional protection to stored vegetables and plants during the winter. Remember too that frost can creep up through the shed floor so if possible, lay down an old carpet for extra warmth.

With the ability to greatly complement any garden style or setting, a timber garden shed can provide an excellent feature or focal point. It can be covered with climbing plants or planted around and about as a feature or to mask an unsightly view or an untidy corner of the garden where bins, compost or materials are stored.

Many gardeners may be put off the idea of choosing a timber garden shed because they think that timber sheds require a lot of maintenance. However this is a misconception because modern treatments give good protection against rot, mildew and splitting to ensure long-lasting protection and durability. In order to protect your investment though, it's worth giving your timber shed a regular inspection and cleaning, remembering to also check the roof covering and to apply additional treatment and/or painting or staining to protect any weathered areas.

At the same time, remember to check all doors and windows and to give any metal parts, hinges or brackets an occasional drop of oil to keep them functioning properly.

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By Les Renshaw (Author and user of Timber Sheds and Timber Garden Sheds)


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