Let's be honest, 1.window gardens are still something of a rarity in America, unless of course you live in houses or brown hoity-toity neighborhoods. However, that’s not the case for nearly all of the rest of the world. In places like Japan, where the terrain is steep and uninhabitable, causing populations to crowd in small areas of the window gardens offer aesthetic and spiritual relief.

So if you desire to discover the similar aesthetic and spiritual release in a place like New York, San Francisco, or even if you immediately desire to wrap something ugly on your home, or try your hand at growing a garden, a window box garden is a great way to go. So, to grow the best box garden window you can, your first major decision should be to understand the purpose of your garden, from there you can select plants for your garden to get the best recourse.

2. Discover Ornamentation

After you find your item, you can determine your ornamentation. For many people window gardens are purely there to beautify their homes and neighborhood. If this is your goal, your decoration May be different if you have another purpose. For example, in May you be happy to have a single burst of color in spring, then leave behind plants such as to dominate the window garden for the rest of the growing season. So you want to plant flowers and other plants that bloom in different seasons, so you have a good growth throughout the year. Take a look at the lists below for some ideas of what grows well and when:
Some spring followers include:

Thoughts, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, primroses, lilies, and violas.
If you want flowers in the spring, but you want to see the summer flowers, plants:

Geraniums, lavender, impatiens, salvia, petunias, daisies, begonias, Zinnias, fuschia and nasturtiums (nasturtiums have an advantage in that their leaves and flowers are edible and add a peppery, watercress, like the taste of salads and sandwiches).

For windows and year of greenery, a "winter interest" window garden can still behave as:

Dwarf Alberta spruce, bristlecone pine, pine mugho and small cactus
If you want plants that grow near the bottom of your window, and are ideal for year round greens try the following:

Ivy, myrtle, creeping Jenny, sweet potato vine, and vinca.

3. Decide who you want Fragrance

a house sometimes smells and most of the time they are the smells that you cannot get rid of, as the smell of an old house. So, if you want plants to perfume things to try the little mint, lemon or the smell of plants. There are also options for other smells, the scents of honey and flowers in great as well.

4. Decide what you want

You can always plant herbs, food, etc. Many people use box garden windows for growing a garden of herbs or vegetables. It is an excellent way to supplement the things you use in your kitchen throughout the summer months. So if you want to have a small garden, growing plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

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