If your yard is a mess and you feel the need for some serious organizational help to whip things into shape, building your own garden shed may be something that is long overdue. Even a modest garden shed can help you give your yard a complete make-over, and these days the sky is the limit in terms of design options.

You've probably seen garden sheds at local home and garden stores, hardware stores or even at friends' houses. If you have, you already know that there are tons of styles to choose from. And, there's always that issue of whether you should buy a shed or build one yourself.

Here are 5 do-it-yourself tips for garden shed designs that can help:

1. Decide whether building your own shed is the right approach:

Your desire for backyard organization is admirable, and you no doubt share it with millions of other homeowners. One major choice you will need to make is whether to build your own shed or to buy one. Buying a new shed is surely the easiest option, but it is also the most expensive. And, when you buy a shed you are limited to the design choices available at the stores you visit.

Building your own shed is an attractive alternative. Doing so can be a real money-saver, and you can get access to thousands of plans instantly from the Internet. Imagine all of the design choices! If you have the time and are on a budget, building your own garden shed gives you access to the most choices and saves you the most money.

2. Decide what you will store in your new garden shed:

Okay, now on to how to select the right design for you. Your first consideration will be to think about how you will actually be using your new shed and what you will store there. For example, do you need long-term storage for the winter, or will you be accessing your shed frequently throughout the year? Hint: spend 5 minutes to take a quick mental inventory of what you'll be storing in your garden shed. This will help you estimate how big the shed needs to be.

3. Choose a design that reflects your personal style and that fits in with your landscape:

For some people, having too many design options can be overwhelming. But, when pressed, most people will tell you that they would rather have more choices than fewer. When selecting a design in terms of its style and construction materials, be sure to go with something that will fit with the layout of your yard and that matches the look of your home and other nearby structures.

4. Go to a home store and check out their floor models' designs to get ideas:

Before choosing your final design, pay a visit to your local home store to get ideas. It can be nice to actually touch different sheds with your hands. Be sure to walk around inside each shed to see what the materials feel like and how they look up close.

5. Choose a design that fits your budget and anticipated usage needs:

The final design you choose should be one that will adequately satisfy your storage needs. When in doubt, get a shed that is a bit on the larger size: it's better to have a little extra room inside than to be short on interior space. And, make sure that your new shed won't break the bank.

Spending an hour or two working through these tips will assist you in selecting the very best design for your new garden shed.

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