Creating a butterfly garden is a fun hobby with an amazing pay-off. You get to enjoy the beauty of many different species of colorful butterflies that visit your garden once your butterfly bush begin to bloom and grow. It is a popular hobby because it is not difficult, it is great for the environment and it is something that pretty much anyone can do.

Choosing Plants for Your Garden

There are specific butterfly attracting plants that you will want to include in your butterfly garden. If you are looking for plants, you will want to look for the specific term “butterfly” or the Latin term “buddleia”. This will let you know that this is a plant that will attract butterflies. Usually you will easily find plants labeled “butterfly bush” so you will know that is the plant you need.

Luckily, there are a wide range of choices in colors and types of butterfly attracting plants. You can find blue, ruby, pink, purple and red plants of the buddleia species to make your garden a rainbow of color. The butterfly bush grows flowers that look like a bottle brush with the stem in the center and flowers coming off on all sides. The length of the flower can range from 3 to 10 inches, depending on the variety.

Here is a short list of some butterfly bushes that you might want to add to your butterfly garden:

Adonis Blue: Grows to 4-5 feet tall, bushy, prefers full sun, rich blue flower color

Bicolor: Grows 5-6 feet tall, needs pruned in spring, features lavender, peach and yellow shaded flowers

Black Knight: Grows 4-6 feet tall, needs full sun, attracts butterflies and bees due to honey fragrant deep purple flowers, needs pruned in spring

Honeycomb: grows 4-5 feet, yellow flowers that grow in a honeycomb shape instead of a spike, requires full sun

Miss Ruby: Grows 4-5 feet tall, deep pink flowers, may have moderate growth compared to other varieties

Planting your Garden

Planting your butterfly garden requires you pick a spot that has good drainage. Butterfly bushes prefer a moist, but not wet soil. You should be aware that these plants grow rapidly. They will need plenty of space and you should only choose a minimal amount of plants to cover an area. Butterfly bushes grow fast, so you do not have to worry about having bare spots in the garden.

The garden will do fine in a sunny spot as the sun will not scorch or discolor leaves. Even in the hottest of times the plants will still thrive.

With a collection of butterfly bushes in your garden you will be able to behold the beauty and fragrant delight of these plants while also attracting butterflies and hummingbirds who will love to feed off the flowers. As you have found out, creating a butterfly garden is actually quite simple. There are plenty of butterfly bush varieties from which to choose, they are not picky about where you plant them and they grow hardily no matter what area of the country you are in. Starting a butterfly garden is something you could do with a few butterfly bushes and a small area of land, so why not get yours started today?

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