Mold is a fungus growth , which starts with a microscopic spore. Damp materilas like food and wood are most prone to get mold. It can be beneficial; for example, the antibiotic penicillin is a mold. Mold grows all over, but can become a problem when it grows in large areas inside a home, school, or workplace.

As I mentioned above mold grows anyplace that dark and dank conditions that permit them to spread . When you attempt to destroy them, they take to the air, spreading themselves with no forethought to the damage they can trigger . They are simply trying to live through.

Spores can be inhaled, absorbed by means of the skin or ingested on our food.And, because some people are more susceptible than others, one person may turn into injured by exposure to mold in the house, another person sharing the same surroundings is largely unaffected.

Infants, the elderly and anyone with immune system deficiencies due to disease, chemotherapy, etc. are particularly susceptible to life-threatening illness following exposure to microbial contamination .

Many people are disturbed about the impending health issues concerning mold in their homes. In particular, stachybotrys chartarum, which you may have heard about as “toxic black mold”, has been blamed for causing health troubles. It is greenish-black, slimy, and can spread in homes with water damage.

Black mold is exceptionally treacherous to the fitness of human being and it can initiate terrible diseases. Common effects from molds such as stachybotrys atra, penecillium, cladosporium and numerous strains of aspergillius, are asthma, pneumonitis, upper respiratory problems, sinusitis, dry cough, skin rashes, stomach upset, headaches, disorientation and bloody noses. Many of species of mold are also toxicand they are well known carcinogens. Repetitive exposures to the mold can initiate inside bleeding, kidney and liver failures and presence of mold inside a home is a genuine concern to the occupants.

Contamination of residential properties by toxic mold and mildew is becoming more and more prevalent. Our people in the past days knew that mold exists in all wet areas but in recent days only we begun to understand how dangerous its existence to us. You are in danger if you think that mold exists only in old buildings.

Black mold is exceedingly dangerous to the health of humanbeing as is is a unsafe fungus which leads to toxic symdrome . Block mold was accountable for the deaths of infants in last couple of years. This toxic mold is not something to take lightly, especially if you suspect that you have it in your home. There are solutions!

The interior air quality of any home affects the inside nature of home. Clean air is obtained by prevent black mold and mildew from developing anywhere in your house.

By: Drago Marx

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