Palm trees are known for their tropical provenience, but they can be planted and cared for in far cooler countries, like Canada, as some species can deal well with harsh temperatures.

If you want to lend your garden an exotic look, try to enhance it with a few palms, as they look great around the pools and in other areas, as well. Palm trees are strong plants and after they get settled with the conditions, they hardly cause any trouble for maintenance. Here are some types of palm trees, so you can have a picture of the various palm trees that exist around the globe.

There are palm trees that live in natural conditions that are cold and harsh. For instance, the Afghanistan palm is the coldest hardy palm tree ever studied. He produces fruits that can be eaten and it is perfectly adapted to desert.

Another cold palm is Dwarf Palmetto, that can be met in the southeastern region of the United States. This is not a domestic palm as they cannot be grown outside their natural conditions.

Needle Palm is known for its abilities to live in cold temperatures that can go as little as -20F.

In Virginia and New Jersey lives a species of palm tree called Saw Palmetto, that can survive in temperatures that go down to -10 F.

In Switzerland, one may find cold hardy palms called Windmill Palm.

Southern palms thrive in hot conditions. The Cabbage Palm species ornate the landscape in South Carolina and Florida. They can also be used for decorating private properties.

A very tall palm is the Canary Island Date Palm, that can grow up to 50 feet tall.

Another tall palm is the Chinese Fan Palm, recognizable by its very large leaves. It is also known for its capacity of surviving under freezing temperature. It is used especially for decorating patios.

The Date Palm is originated in North Africa, but it is planted in Arizona and California, too. They do not do so well in cold weather, but they are beautiful with their shiny green colored leaves, shaped like fern.

The European Fan Palm can grow in cold conditions and it can be replanted easily. The blue green fanlike leaves are its mark.

For decorating a room, the Pygmy Date Palm is ideal, as it does not grow too tall and it has a small trunk.

Landscapes are borrowed an exotic look by the Washingtonian Palm, recognizable by its crown of large green leaves.

An old species of palm is Sago Palm, which grows on the Atlantic coast and has an umbrella crown as its mark.

Another type of palm tree, Phoenix Sylvester Palm has the same characteristics as the Canary Island Palm.

One of the oldest palm tree types that exists on the face of the earth is Zamia Pumila, that is believed to be about 200 million years old. It is quite small, at three feet tall.

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