If living in a peaceful and beautiful environment seems to be impossible for many, the people in Austin Texas could definitely prove them wrong. Thousands of lush native trees and colorful wildflowers could be found in the heart of the city of Austin Texas. The good news here is that species of walnuts and oaks are native to Texas, making the region a haven for hobbyist and professional carpenters and woodworkers.

Walnuts and oaks

Most plants and flowers that are seen in Texas even before the Europeans came are said to be native. According to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Plant Database, there are three (3) trees that are truly native in Texas and these three (3)come from a nut family. The pecan, black walnut and hickory are the native Texas trees that live and thrive in different parts of Texas.

Aside from these three nut trees, Texas also grows oak trees, elm trees and pine trees. With a black walnut, oak and elms on the list, an experienced woodworker can begin a furniture project for his own home, anytime.

Other types of trees

The soil and climate in Texas makes it a great place to grow wildflowers, trees and other types of plants. This is the reason why even non-native Texas trees grow in different parts of the region. To date, there are hundreds of different tree species that live and thrive in Texas. Magnolia grandiflora, Juniperus deppeana and Liquidambar styraciflua are just a few of the many native trees species that are found in Texas.

Trees in your own backyard

It is easy to grow pine trees or even the hardwood type of trees in one's own backyard, especially the native trees that loves the climate and the Texan soil. With proper care and gardening, even the most ordinary looking yard can be transformed into a beautiful garden.

Though caring for native trees seem to be a very complex thing to do because of its size and age, planting native trees in one's community or by at least providing tender loving care for the native trees that have already been planted in the area could be a homeowner's primary share in creating a healthier and greener neighborhood.

Healthy living; live longer

The native trees, perennial wildflowers and lush bushes and plants make the air in Austin, Texas clean and fresh. Not many cities nowadays can still boast of a clean air. For a city dweller who hasn't spent a night in Austin, now is the right time to get the taste of fresh air and experience picking flowers and climbing trees. Healthy living is indeed a guarantee in Austin, Texas. Although the climate and the soil contribute greatly to the lush vegetation in the region, it is the people of Texas who maintain its greenery.

Then, till now, most of the old trees in Austin are still standing. With a healthy and green environment, people of Texas, like their trees, live long.

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