What makes a neighborhood walkable? Streets and roads that are accessible for everyone; and have wheelchair ramps, lots of benches with shade and sidewalks on all streets.

Walkable neighborhoods have well designed streets that everyone can use, including bicyclists, pedestrians of all ages and abilities, people getting on and off transit vehicles.

Another thing to look for in walkable neighborhoods are well connected streets that improve traffic and provide many routes to any destination.

Austin has many walkable neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are easy to get around in, and have many amenities that pedestrians can access very easily.

Downtown is Austin's number one walkable neighborhood. Downtown scored a 92 out of a possible 100. The neighborhood has grocery stores such as Whole Foods, several convenient stores. There are also many restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment and parks for citizens to enjoy.

University Of Texas and West University both came in at second, with a score of 87. The University Of Texas is walkable for the students who live on or near campus. Living here makes it easy for students and visitors to be car free and still be able to get around campus and surrounding areas easily.
West University is a neighborhood just west of UT. Students, professors and many others make their home in this small Heritage neighborhood. It is just a short walk to the university, and the streets are lined with trees. Most of the homes in this neighborhood date back to the 1910's and 1920's, making it a nice scenic walk.

North University came in with a score of 83. This neighborhood is in central Austin. Residents have many places to walk in this old neighborhood. One of the most famous places is Trudy's Restaurant, Spider House Cafe and JP's Java, along with the 37th street lighting spectacular during Christmas.

Old West Austin and Bouldin Creek also scored a walkable score of 83. Old West Austin neighborhood has lots of history and plenty of landmarks. The streets are lined with shade trees and the neighborhood has Bed and Breakfast's for visitors. Old West Austin was named one of the 10 best neighborhoods in Austin in 2007. This neighborhood is enjoyable, safe and desirable. Residents of this neighborhood participate in keeping this neighborhood strong and preserving its roots. Chain stores are basically nonexistent in Old West Austin; instead visitors can find specialty shops, restaurants and schools.

Bouldin Creek is a neighborhood that is filled with apartments, homes and mom and pop shops. Running through the heart of the neighborhood is South First Street; with a melting pot of businesses and restaurants.

Austin is full of neighborhoods with shade trees covering the streets and sidewalks, restaurants, bakeries and tattoo shops. That is what makes Austin, Austin!

Next time you are in one of these neighborhoods, find a place to park your car and take time to walk through the streets and look at the yards, trees, homes and businesses that make each neighborhood unique.

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