Many tools are essential for gardening properly and achieving great results with plants, trees, fruit trees and vegetable.

Some of the tools that can be use is an efficient rake to pulverise the soil to make a seed bed and to make drills for seed sowing will be a necessity. It should have at least 12 teeth, preferably 14 or 16, to enable the work to be done more quickly. A series of hoes, including the Dutch type, a draw hoe and a scuffle hoe will also be an essential part of the equipment. Important, too, is a good trowel for planting and here, too, this should be of stainless steel to make for easier handling. Where working in damp soil, it will not be necessary to repeatedly clean the trowel if the blade is made of shining stainless steel. After use, wipe it clean with an oily cloth.

To use amongst plants which are growing closely together, a hand hoc will be useful. Generally known as an onion hoe, the head is 3-4 inches wide and the handle about 9 inches in length. It may also he used to thin out turnips, beetroot and other plants which may be growing close together in the rows. Wilkinson's hoe is a long-handled tool which functions in the same way. being a combination of a scuffler and a hoe.

A good tool rack is an integral part of one's kit. It should be fastened to the wall of a shed or outhouse, about 6 feet above the ground and here, the tools should always be placed at the end of the day after being cleaned and maintained in working order. There will then be no need to waste valuable time in looking for a certain tool, whilst all the tools will he kept in a clean and efficient condition.

An inexpensive tool for planting potatoes (and bulbs) is the B-B planter which is hand operated by two arms between which is a metal container to hold a potato or large bulb. The container has a sharp under-edge which allows it to be pressed into the ground, the potato or bulb being released by closing the arms together and withdrawing the implement.

No vegetable garden will be complete without a good barrow or truck which will be in constant use to move corn posts and fertilisers, harvested crops, pot plants and canes. It will save much hard work for otherwise everything must be moved by hand. An all-steel barrow is more durable though lighter to use than a wooden barrow. Fitted with a single rubber-tyred wheel and constructed of a strong tubular frame with a riveted and welded body of heavy gauge steel sheeting, the barrow has a 3 cubic feet capacity and is easily moved about the garden.


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