In essence, Weathermatic Smartline controllers let you say goodbye to all of your worries dealing with hoses and faucets. Weathermatic Smartline controllers are a type of sprinkler system control system that lets you program when you want your lawn to be watered, based on weather and environment data. Imagine growing a lush green lawn in front of your house but without slaving away five hours a day in heavy landscaping! The fact of the matter is that many homeowners use too much water in their daily landscaping and garden care needs. This costs them more money and wastes more water in general.

Commercial companies that deal with water actually have high-tech equipment set up to fine tune their irrigation systems to supply only the water that is needed. This is because to these companies, every wasted dollar spent takes out a chunk of profit. You should adopt a similar viewpoint when it comes to water bills and sprinkler systems. Weathermatic Smartline controllers actually take in weather data, site information and sprinkler system information, combine all factors, and then calculate the precise amount of water you need to irrigate your landscape. Now you are saving money rather than spending it on excessive watering. You might say that having such a device is comparable to having a living scientist in your garage!

The goal of Weathermatic Smartline controllers is to save water and help create healthier landscapes. According to statistics, using Weathermatic Smartline controllers, water savings from homeowners or businesses have averages 20-50%. Additionally, run-off (a major problem with traditional irrigation) has been practically eliminated. Another factor that sets Weathermatic Smartline controllers apart from the competition is that they have an extra feature: an SLW Series On-Site Weather Station.

This is a system that monitors readings and controller inputs for plant types and sprinkler types. Using this data, the system can automatically decide the right amount of water each zone of your yard requires. The system can also gather input for soil type and slope, so that it can create run and soak cycles. This can also help prevent wasteful runoff. Lastly, the weather monitor has integrated rain and freeze sensing ability. This will prevent you have to rain in rainy or freezing conditions and adjust the flow of water accordingly. This is also a big help in staying legal with local regulations regarding freezing or rain sensors.

These are all state of the art features of Weathermatic Smartline controllers that help to make maintenance simple and your readings very accurate. With this system you can ensure that your landscape gets exactly the right amount of water it needs, where it needs it (as in what section you want to water) and precisely when it needs it.

Remember that though you only buy Weathermatic Smartline controllers once, you will wind up paying for your water every month. Is it really so expensive to buy this product when you could wasting hundreds of dollars in excessive water bills every year? Weathermatic Smartline controllers could save you a lot of money and time.

About The Author:
Richard Gilliland is VP of one of the largest online wholesale dealers and distributors for Weathermatic and sprinklers


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