There are a lot of great garden design software packages on the market today. They can help you design and visualize your garden. To add to this, you can also create such things as your house, deck, patio, fence and ground cover. Most of the garden design software is actually quite easy to use and you will not need to have any architectural or landscaping experience in order to use it.

Advantages of 3D Graphics

Most of this software is available with 3D graphics so that you can walk around your property in photo realistic 3D. This will allow you to experience your garden design even before you actually create them. Some software will even allow you to see what the different types of lighting will do to your garden; it is like you are really there.

Once you are sure that you have something that you would like, you can show your friends and family what your ideas are. This will also come in handy if you are hiring anyone to do this work for you because you can show them exactly what you want with accurate dimensions, scale and placement that are relative to your house and landscaping.

Use the Helpful Wizard

While all of this may sound as though it is difficult to do, most garden design software comes with a wizard that can help you get started. The wizard will help you to quickly add houses, decks, ponds and everything else that you will need in order to complete your garden.

Usually there is also a large selection of plants and tress available in this wizard for you to choose from. These are in the form of highly detailed 3D models instead of as a regular picture. This makes them look very lifelike, even if you view them close-up. You can mix and match different foliage and experiment with various placements before coming to a final decision – all with just a click of your mouse.

Regardless of what type of garden design software program you choose to use, it should offer free technical support and a 30 day money back guarantee. The really good garden design software programs will have a complete user's guide integrated in the program but it is still very useful to be able to email or call technical support toll free.


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