Having your own plot of land is a great way to find some harmony within yourself as you cultivate the land and make the nature your personal shrine of happiness and wonder. You can do this easily by planting an assortment of things and watching them bloom on your acreage, on your land, and it will give you a sense of triumph as well as a sense of joy at giving back to a world by making it more beautiful of your own hands' work. For the springtime, you can plant a garden of flowers. Initially, before starting, you need to cultivate the land and make it ready. Choosing a plot of land in your backyard, you must rake through the dirt, as a lot of times there are rocks and other debilitating factors that will cause a garden not to grow.

So, raking through that dirt, get rid of all of it and then replace it with something else, like cow or horse manure. This soft dirt is wonderfully fertile and will help your garden grow. Then, choosing your seeds, there are so many to pick from! You can choose poppies, sunflowers, roses, wisteria, daisies, daffodils, lilacs, peonies, bluebonnets, morning glories, lilies, lavender, or you can choose from a number of herbs, like sage, basil, mint, or you can choose from a variety of plants, such as peas, mushrooms, snow peas, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, spinach, potatoes, leeks, cauliflower, okra, peppers, chilies, and a number of other things that please you. No matter what you are growing, whether it be strawberries, onions, and any other number of things, you can find seeds and read the instructions on the back to figure out how to plant them. Then you plant them and enjoy the fruits of your labor, quite literally, as within a few weeks they will begin to grow and you will see the success of your labors.

Keeping your garden alive is often done naturally with sunlight and rain, but you must be sure to water it, as well, and keep an eye on your budding crop, too. Also keeping it safe from pestilence and harm is another important factor, so be sure you keep bug spray and pest repellent on hand, at all times, so that your garden doesn't get devoured by hungry bugs and rodents. This means you might have to set some traps otherwise the instant your lovely green begins to bloom, it will have bite marks all over the place.

If you don't want to wait all that time for green to sprout, you can get small potted plants and then un pot them to stick them into the dirt, that way you already have something to look at and don't have to stare at a plot of lifeless dirt for weeks before you see results. No matter which way you go, within a matter of weeks you will have a beautiful, flourishing garden, one that will rise and fall with the seasons and bring you a special kind of joy that is unparalleled by any other sport or hobby.


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