Are you considering making a vegetable garden? If so, you should check into some vegetable garden plans. Garden plans inspire new, creative ideas even as they allow you to plan things out in advance before you do the "real" work of moving things around and planting and transplanting. It's always best to have a plan on paper first before you do the harder-to-correct work of actually putting things in order and planting things. Having garden plans in advance will save you time, money, and frustration.

Vegetable garden plans should be designed around factors such as personal taste, where you live geographically, and how much space you have for planting. Let's consider some garden plans that you may want to implement.

  1. Patio vegetable garden. Make a compact and easily tended garden on your deck or patio. Use two small soil beds and have a dense, synergistic mixture of herbs, vegetables, and flowers in each one.
  2. Colorful vegetable gardens. Use harmonious but contrasting colors in your choice of things you plant. These are interesting gardens. They also tend to be very healthy for you, since it's recommended that you get a "mixture of colors" in your veggies and fruits for optimal health.
  3. Heritage vegetable garden. Now, what's this mean? It means make it full of heirloom varieties of veggies. Again, this is diverse to the end of good health while at once being interesting and artistically inspired to create.
  4. The Asian vegetable garden. You might have to look online for some (or most) of the veggies you would grow in this garden. But it would yield different tastes than what you may be used to. Furthermore, Asian vegetables tend to need less space for growing than what could be found in Farmer MacGregor's garden.
  5. The Italian garden. We all know that the Italians make incredibly tasty food. Imagine having the tomatoes and herbs and other ingredients you need to make your own spaghetti or pizza sauce among other Mediterranean dishes.
  6. The All-American veggie garden. Hey, who says Americans just make hot dogs, burgers, fries, and take-out pizza? Research American veggie varieties and put together a garden that you'd be proud to "drag" a Chicago-style hot dog through.
  7. Autumn yield garden. What's better than still harvesting fresh produce on crisp mornings or evenings, just before the Winter sets in? Lay up your stores for the months of plant dormancy.
Now you've seen some very interesting and creative garden plan. To learn even more about vegetable garden plans that you can use, just follow the link below.

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