Garden watering used to be a painful process. Slow, irritating, damaging to the garden and (in the eyes of the modern world), ridiculously labour intensive. Imagine, now, the amount of hours spent actually in the garden, overseeing garden watering – watching the sprinkler, trailing the hose around, tramping over a sodden lawn with a watering can.

To the modern eye, the garden watering habits of even 20 years ago seem archaic in the extreme. Why? Because new methods of garden watering have developed that require no more attention than the flick of a switch or the setting of a timer. The new school of garden watering rather swishly refers to itself as “garden irrigation”, and – though there are different stripes of the same enterprise – works by automating garden watering with systems of pipes and nozzles.

Basically, this new way of garden watering takes the hosepipe underground, or conceals it in borders, and splits it up like a capillary system so that its water is delivered to exact locations (rather than sprayed around at random, as was the case with old style garden watering). A simple garden watering system is attached to a normal water source: whenever a person wishes to water the garden, they turn it on, and when they want to stop watering, they go back and turn it off.

More complex garden watering systems can be linked to timers and control panels. They’re obviously a little harder to set up (a simple garden watering system is simply hooked up to the garden tap and then it’s ready): but, when they are set up, high end garden watering systems require no maintenance at all. Top flight garden watering systems can be programmed to take seasons into account; to water specified bits of the garden with differing frequency; and to turn on and off again of their own accord.

It’s amazing, looking back, how much time in the garden was taken up just by watering it: and how much water was lost in the process. New garden watering systems, of course, save gallons of water daily simply by directing the stuff to exact point rather than spraying it all over the place. And all that time freed up by the modern garden watering system means that the 21st century gardener can devote more attention to doing stuff they actually want to do – planting, weeding, introducing new colours and scents to their outside spaces.

Garden watering has come a long way since the galvanised watering can. And with modern garden watering systems as simple or as complex as an individual needs them to be, there’s nothing to stop everyone installing them. Certainly not price. Modern garden watering systems can be installed as basic set up packages for as little as £20.

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